Inspired by Jim Smallman’s Top 40 Wrestlers of all time on a recent episode of his Tuesday Night Jaw podcast, I decided to work out my own Top 40.

So here, without much explanation, is my Top 40. Yes there are some random names in here, and yes there are some big names nowhere near this list. This is a list of my favourites over my time watching wrestling, not necessarily the best but the ones I’ve most enjoyed watching.

And you can probably tell from my list what periods and what promotions I’ve most watched… that being late 80’s WWF, mid-90’s WCW, late-90’s WWE, noughties Ring of Honor, NOAH & Dragon Gate and current day PROGRESS.

Who makes your list?


40 BxB Hulk
39 Austin Aries
38 Taz
37 Randy Savage
36 The Undertaker
35 Pete Dunne
34 Goldberg
33 Billy Kidman
32 David Starr
31 Prince Devitt
30 Booker T
29 Ultimo Dragon
28 Mitsuhara Misawa
27 Trent Seven
25 Dean Malenko
24 El Generico
23 Will Ospreay
22 Nigel McGuinness
21 Chris Hero
20 Jushin Thunder Liger
19 William Regal
18 Great Muta
17 Zack Sabre Jr.
16 Stone Cold Steve Austin
15 Diamond Dallas Page
14 Rey Mysterio Jr.
13 Eddie Guerrero
12 Mick Foley
11 Colt Cabana
10 Marty Scurll
9 Kenta Kobashi
8 Samoa Joe
7 Triple H
6 Chris Jericho
5 Ric Flair
4 Bryan Danielson
3 The Rock
2 Sting
1 CM Punk


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