2011 Winner: Kevin Hardaway
Dates: 22/10/2011 & 23/10/2011
Winner’s Road: Jay Pride; Ndamukong Asomugha; Kenchi Yamamoto; Leanne Evangelista
Notes:  Inaugural GFC Invitational, contested by 12 stars over an action packed 2 nights. This tournament crowned the first ever GFC Champion.

2012 Winner: Ben Hanson
Date: 14/10/2012
Winner’s Road: Kevin Hardaway; Andreas Lasiewicz; CJ Osborne
Notes:  A 1 night tournament featuring 8 stars, including guests from GDW, SVW and PSW. Winner granted a shot at the GFC World Championship.

2013 Winners: Dangerous Minds (Jonathan Collins & Chandler Scott)
Dates: 7/12/2013 & 8/12/2013
Winner’s Road: Kevin Hardaway & Pat Gordon Jnr; Best of British (Nigel Kensington III & Rupert Royston-Fellowes); The Shoot Kings (Madman Szalinski & Graham Clauson)
Notes:  A 2 night tag-team tournament featuring 8 teams. Winner also won the GFC World Tag-Team Championships.