Code of Respect

  1. You must shake hands before and after every match
  2. No outside interference: no interfering in others’ matches or having others interfere on your behalf
  3. No sneak attacks
  4. No harming the officials
  5. Any action resulting in a disqualification violates the Code of Respect


GFC Commonwealth Championship Rules

  1. To be contested over 6 rounds of five minutes duration, with one minute’s time between rounds.
  2. If either wrestler falls through weakness or otherwise, they must get up within 10 seconds. When the fallen wrestler is back to their feet the round is to be resumed and continued until the five minutes have expired. If one wrestler fails to get to their feet in the 10 seconds allowed they will be defeated by way of knockout.
  3. A wrestler hanging on the ropes in a helpless state, with their toes off the ground, shall be considered down.
  4. There are to be no closed-fist punches to the face, only open-handed slaps or chops to the face are allowed. Punches to other parts of the body (save for low-blows) are permitted. The first use of a closed fist will trigger a warning and the second will cause the wrestler to be disqualified.
  5. A wrestler is subject to a twenty count by the referee if the wrestler goes to the floor.
  6. The title can change hands due to countouts and disqualifications.
  7. The title must be defended at least six times per calendar year.
  8. There are to be no drawn matches, if there is no clear winner after 6 rounds the match will continue, with no time limit or rounds, until a winner is decided.
  9. Breaking rules 2, 3 or 4 of the Code of Respect can result in a disqualification.

Chivalry is Dead Rules

  1. These are no disqualification, pinfalls anywhere no holds barred matches.
  2. The code of respect does not have to be adhered to.