What you need to know about FRONTIER:

Out of Character

We started in 2011 as a roleplay based efed, but with a “soft relaunch” in 2014 FRONTIER became an angle fed. Sadly that didn’t work and the fed closed in 2015. But in 2020 it’s making a return, based on characters designed in Fire Pro Wrestling World and streaming on Twitch.

The fed was started by me, Alan Galpin. Former boss of the EWF, BWA and UKWA (whose history has been semi-incorporated into FRONTIER) between 1999 and 2004 as well as being in charge of the Millennium Wrestling Alliance from November 2010 to May 2011. For a while Chason (CJ Osborne) took the reigns backed up by a team of select handlers and then Matt (The Matt) and Sam (Styg) took over calling the shots. Now everything is back on me again

If you’re interested, please check out the full OOC history of FRONTIER.

In Character

We started as a promotion that ran in small venues, town halls, theatres and leisure centres around the UK. Primarily based in Southampton.

In early 2012 we started selling DVD’s of our events and in August 2012 our first TV show aired for a limited run, and in October 2012 we held our first iPPV event. From 2013 we announced 4 annual iPPV’s.

But we never considered ourselves a small time promotion, and we have grown into the country’s premier promotion. We are home to some of the best wrestling on the planet and we want a reputation for putting on some of the best shows possible.

We currently have three championships to contest. First is the GFC British Heavyweight Championship. Second is the GFC Commonwealth Championship. The Commonwealth Championship is fought under old school “World of Sport” rules, see the In-Ring Rules page for clarification.

Pro-Wrestling FRONTLINE is the sister-promotion of FRONTIER; a Japanese company with more GFC Championships. These titles are: GFC Nippon Heavyweight Championship, GFC Super Junior Championship, GFC World Tag-Team Championships, GFC Pure Puro Championship (submission only), GFC Trios Championship & GFC Mixed Doubles Championship.

After a Tag-Team title match here in the UK the titles became the GFC World Tag-Team Championships and are now regularly contested between FRONTIER and FRONTLINE. FRONTIER wrestlers may also go to FRONTLINE and can come back with the other GFC titles, however all title defences must take place back in FRONTLINE.

Our titles were originally under the coverage of the Global Frontier Crown Championship Committee. Events in 2012/2013 mean that the GFC Committee no longer make decisions regarding championship matches in FRONTIER, it is now more of a ceremonial role here. See the GFC page for further info on this.