Hello and welcome to FRONTIER, the best British Indy Fire Pro eFed in the god damn world!

FRONTIER began as a roleplaying eFed back in June 2011 and in 2014 was reborn as an Angle fed before the doors closed in 2015. Now we’re back as a Fire Pro eFed, streaming cards on Twitch on an adhoc basis, so check out twitch.tv/albearuk to follow our progress.

If you want to play along with FRONTIER’s wrestlers then you can. There are a few available on the PS4 version, just search for FRONTIER to find a ring, referee and a handful of wrestlers. Or for the full experience you’ll need the PC version. Check out the files on Steam.

You can still check out our old results and our FRONTIER OnDemand service will let you find the old written shows and matches stretching back through our archives and including our predecessors the EWF, ECWF, BWA and UKWA as well as all GFC Championship matches that took place outside of FRONTIER.