2018 was a pretty crappy year. But it was also the year that I fulfilled a dream that I’ve had for many years; I became a dad.

50 for 50

After being inspired by a friend, I’m working on a list of 50 things to achieve by the time I’m 50.

My Top 40 Wrestlers

Inspired by Jim Smallman’s Top 40 Wrestlers of all time on a recent episode of his Tuesday Night Jaw podcast, I decided to work out my own Top 40. So here, without much explanation, is my Top 40. Yes there are some random names in here, and yes there are some big names nowhere near […]

Living Room Refurb: Part 3

Last time we’d just finished putting in the new floor and painting the walls and ceiling, meaning it was just the cupboards & shelves to go in. That makes it sound like we were really close to being finished, but sadly that wasn’t the case.

Half Ideas

Do you ever come up with half an idea? Like the outline to a story without really knowing how to start/end it? Check out this selection of my half-ideas.

Living Room Refurb: Part 2

It’s been a productive time since I last posted about our living room makeover, we are starting to get somewhere. In fact, we’re almost done. With a week off we’ve managed to pollyfill, prime, paint and install a new floor!

Living Room Refurb: Part 1

Before we found out that Kitty was expecting we had started redecorating our living room, before promptly stopping when the car broke down and our funds were diverted elsewhere. I say we had started redecorating… what had actually happened is that we had paid someone to come and remove our fireplace, re-plaster the wall, lay […]

Player 3…

Player 3 is currently loading… expected release date 02/02/2018.

A bit of a wrestling kick…

It’s no secret that I seem to go through phases of being really into something and then loosing track or drifting away; often through just not having the time to stay up to date with whatever that thing is. Lately I’ve been rediscovering my love of wrestling, and expanding my viewing habits into new areas. […]

The things I do for Fire Pro Wrestling

There was a time when I would spend many an hour playing Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on the PlayStation 2, creating a raft of my own wrestlers, designing logos to go on the rings and “simming” matches… which is to say that I watched the computer play against itself. Now you might say that sounds […]