This image is a little bit tongue-in-cheek but there is an element of truth about it in one way or another.

The Restaurant Man: 7-Bone, a local burger restaurant, was featured on this BBC program in 2014 (and can still be seen here). My wife and I went to try the place out not realising it was opening night, so there’s a brief shot in the program of me stuffing chips into my face.

The Beano: Not once, but twice, I’ve been featured in the Beano. Firstly for my amazing joke (where do bees go for transport? The buzz stop!) and secondly a photo of me next to my painted Dennis the Menace that Dad made me. Please remember that this was when I was a child.

Rock My Wedding: Before we got married Kitty entered us into an online competition through RMW, a popular wedding blog, to become a guest blogger. We won and as a result she had to write some blog posts about our preparations and then they wrote a nice 2-part piece about the wedding itself. I hijacked one of Kitty’s posts to make sure I could tell everyone about all my awesome plans for the wedding! You can read that here.

Wire FM: A local radio station covering Warrington, Widness & Runcorn! The station had a show each week that was produced and presented by the Radio Production students of Warrington Collegiate Institute, including yours truly.

Your Hampshire & Dorset Wedding Magazine: After our wedding Kitty entered us into another competition, which we also won! We were voted Wedding of the Year 2013 in this local wedding magazine.

Daily Echo: The Echo started a roundup of local blogs on their website and featured a blog post of mine (which I wrote a blog about here). Years later I was approached coming out of the Southampton FC club shop, in the run up to the League Cup Final, and had a photo of me on their website.

Ram Air: The student radio station of Bradford University, which had a weekly show presented by a Uni friend of mine. I went along as his producer.

For The Geek: Bit of a cheat this one, seeing as it was a website that I started. FTG was a site for reviews and opinions on various geek topics. Sadly it didn’t last, but it was fun to write articles for.

Fiverr: For a while I offered voice overs, custom art and podcast ads for sale on Fiverr. I don’t do this anymore.

Etsy: I also used to have an Etsy store selling my artwork, and another selling Lego-style mini figures.

Freewheeling: Ross Noble’s show where he asks for ideas of what to do on Twitter. When he was in the area I tweeted him that he should come and bring me an ice cream at work. I thought nothing more of it until I got a response asking where I worked! Sadly Ross got a better offer and so I never did get that ice cream. But my tweet was shown on screen when that episode went out on air.

The Source: The student radio station for Warrington Collegiate Institute, which is now known as The Cat (as the Uni was taken over by Chester Uni). I was one of the students who helped launch the station, later becoming the Head of Music and presenter of the breakfast show on Wednesdays & Sundays.

Pointless: While I was unemployed and had a fair bit of free time I applied to go on Pointless with the wife. I was surprised to get a call a week later inviting us to an “audition” in Bristol, and then to get the call that we’d been shortlisted! We recorded our appearance in April 2016 and we were broadcast on in March 2017, Episode 50 of Season 16. We were finalists, but sadly didn’t win, although we do have a lovely pair of Pointless trophies!

The Express & The Daily Star:After appearing on Pointless I was very surprised to find stories written about us on two different national newspaper websites. And all because we said Horny Toad!

Southampton HBA: The Hosptial radio station in Southampton, which I was a member of before going to University. I started as a volunteer before helping out with co-presenting duties on Requestline and a few appearances on the Friday Funshow.

Dead Piett Society: Another cheat, this is the podcast that I started in 2015. Myself, my wife and a couple of friends got together weekly (or at least we tried to keep it weekly) to discuss what was going on in our lives, aspects of geek culture and we looked at the oddest news stories from the previous week.