Recently I’ve seen a friend mention on Facebook a list of 40 things they were aiming to achieve before their 40th birthday, which is next month. I’ve seen how he’s ticked off quite a few things recently, some of them pretty impressive, and I’ve been inspired to do something similar.

However seeing as I’ve not started already and my 40th is just over a year away, I’ve decided to give myself a bit more time by trying to do 50 things before my 50th birthday.

Some of these things shouldn’t be too difficult to achieve, but some of them will be tough. But then that’s the idea, something to push me into doing the things I’ve been meaning to do for a while, or wish that I could do. There’s no reason I couldn’t achieve them, so I’m gonna give it a ruddy good go!

I’m not going to publish the full list here, partly because I’ve not come up with all 50 things yet, but I will give you a little taster…

I’m going to deliberately leave my list short of 50, because you never know what might happen in the next 10 years. I might pick up a new hobby that inspires a new challenge, or something I thought I’d never get a chance to do might suddenly become possible, and then I have the chance to add those things to my list as I go.

Now let’s see how long it takes me to tick off the first item…

Do you have a similar list of things you want to achieve, be it leisure, family or career based? What sort of things are on your list and how long have you given yourself to get them done? Let me know!

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