This website is the online portfolio for Al Galpin, encompassing all his Radio and Podcasting projects, as well as some graphic design work, silly videos, streaming fun and whatever else is deemed worthy of being uploaded here for you all to see!


The Charity Podcast Festival, featuring live podcasts from across the UK, has been running since 2017 and has raised over £2,500 for Comic Relief.

Southampton's Alternative Online Community Radio Station. Playing Alt Rock, Indie, Brit Pop and more great music, plus podcasts and specialist music shows.

A show all about cover versions, in partnership with SecondHandSongs.com. Hear some popular covers as well as hidden gems, plus the Cover Chain.

Live every Tuesday evening, 8-10pm UK time, on a handful of radio stations across the UK. Great music, weird news and great musical competitions

Featuring three podcasting friends finally doing a show together for the first time. A monthly show where anything could happen. With Matt Lees & Doctor Squee.



Al Galpin - "Al Bear"

Hi, I'm Al, thanks for checking out my website.

As well as the radio and podcasting projects found here I’m also interested in football, graphic design and wrestling. I’m keen on comics, country music and chocolate as well as burgers, baseball and bourbon. And apparently alliteration.

I’m a husband to Kitty, dad to Hunter and a Pointless finalist.

Kitty Galpin - "Mama Bear"

My wife (some might say long suffering), is the reason I started my first real podcast, the Dead Piett Society. She was my first co-host, possibly the most reluctant podcaster in the world.

Lover of books, tea and Captain America's arms.

Hunter Galpin - "Hunny Bear"

Our little performer; star of all of my video projects and the reason they exist. He's a bit of a legend, loves singing, dancing and playing up for the camera... at least when he's not ignoring us and getting into mischief.

Loves Go Jetters, counting and not tidying up his toys.


A Southampton based team in the Solent Softball League which I founded back in 2015.

A fantasy wrestling promotion (eFed) which I ran for several years in the noughties.

I have an Etsy store, which isn't always active, where I sell prints, digital art and custom portraits.

If I stream a gaming session it's probably Pro Evolution Soccer that I'll be playing, with my custom team.

An occasional messy streaming show where I do some cooking with Hunter, which we started in 2020.



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Meet Hunter, Al & Kitty; one family on a hunt for adventure after a year of being locked down.

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Friends Hunter & Harry are reunited after a year apart, and they set off on a day of adventure at Itchen Valley Country Park.

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The anticipated sequel to The Long Walk, this time Hunter is joined by his Mum, Dad, Aunt & Uncle as they walk through Moors Valley Country Park.

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Hunter is off for a walk on his own, through the woods of Itchen Valley Country Park. Follow him on his epic journey.

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Ah 2019, it was a time of fun and frolics with friends and family. For Hunter it was the Summer of Fun.


These are some of the organisations we've had the pleasure of working with on various projects.


I've created several podcasts over the years, with mixed success. Here you can dins details on all the inactive shows and listen to the archives.

A Weird News Podcast, discussing the oddest news of the week.

A Fake News Podcast, light hearted fact checking with guests like Tiernan Douieb.

A magazine style podcast featuring mini-versions of other podcasts.

A podcast that teaches you how to do simple things you already know how to do.

A short-lived radio show that focussed on the best in Contemporary Country.


I don't often write things in the blog, if I'm being honest. So I expect these posts are pretty old by now.
Who knows, maybe I'll post something new soon!