The Lost Years

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There’s nothing like rediscovering an old blog and reading the sort of drivel you used to write. Ah, who am I kidding, I’m still writing drivel, I’m just not posting it on here.

So, yes, it’s been a while since I last posted anything and a lot has happened in the interim. Shall I bring you up to speed on the last 3 years?

  • I finally got a response from Talk Talk (see the last posts I actually wrote here) and they reimbursed me the money. Twice. They couldn’t even get that right.
  • Kitty and I got married in Lymington in May 2013 (as featured on Rock My Wedding.) and it was an amazing day (We won Wedding of the Year in Your Hampshire & Dorset Wedding magazine!)
  • We honeymooned in Mexico for two weeks (and there’s a few blog posts I could have written about horrific storms, being held by the Mexican army and an unexpected confrontation with a 6 foot shark.)
  • I let some friends run Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER for me while I was away and when I came back I just didn’t have the passion for it any more and they’re still running it today.
  • I rediscovered my liking of Baseball in time to watch the Boston Red Sox win the 2013 World Series.
  • My nan sadly passed away in October 2013
  • I joined the Southampton Mustangs baseball team and played my first season with the second team, the first time I’ve played organised sport since leaving school almost 20 years ago!
  • Kitty and I bought our first house in May last year
  • We took a 19 day trip to Japan in June (and there’s some more posts I could write about being invited onto a Japanese TV show, watching the England v Italy World Cup game in a Buddhist Monastery and accidentally taking a trip in a Women-Only train carriage.)
  • I launched a new website,, for reviews and opinions on all things geek (we’re always looking for people to join the team so get in touch if you’re interested).
  • A group of us have decided to go to Glastonbury for the first time this summer
  • My wife has taken to calling Saints striker Graziano Pellè her “close personal friend” because he sent her a friend request on Facebook.
  • Siri told me I was the West Brom manager, but the club dashed my hopes on twitter.
  • I suddenly decided that I wanted to open an American style Sports Bar in Southampton showing live US sports.
  • I bought a new car last February (our second Fiat Punto), which then proceeded to cost us a fortune in repairs (and I’m still waiting on money from the warranty idiots). We traded it in for another new car (a Kia Cee’d) in November. Kitty never once drove the Punto and I got a speeding ticket the last day I drove it, despite seeing the camera and the speedo saying I was within the limit. We hate that car.

I think that brings you right up to date with all the major things that have happened. I’ll try not to leave it another 3 years this time. Heck, maybe I’ll get around to writing about our holiday stories sometime before we go on another one; stranger things have happened.

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