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Life Sometimes Can Be a Drag

Today is the start of a new direction for my site as I begin to include a little more personal blogging. And this post is the beginning of a series I’m going to call “Adulting is hard”. Now before I… Continue Reading →

Getting ready for Nerd Mart

On Saturday, 23rd July, I will be selling my wares at Nerd Mart, held at the Oasis Academy in Southampton. In building up to the event I’ve taken delivery of a lot of new Lego-style superhero figures, which I sell… Continue Reading →

FM36: Lay of the Land

I’ve made it, my Football Manager experiment has reached 1st June 2036. So now, before I start my own managerial career into the unknown, let’s take a look at the world of football in 2036. Premier League After several years… Continue Reading →

Football Manager 2036

Recently I re-read some of the posts on this here blog of mine, specifically focussing on the Football Manager 2028 and Rebuilding Southampton in 2027 stories about my FM exploits. Both of those involved me playing FM and fast forwarding… Continue Reading →

Quick update

Hey guys. It’s not been three years between posts this time, but it’s still been a while and I’ve done quite a bit since I last wrote. So here’s the brief version for you: I was made redundant from Aviva… Continue Reading →

Kitty’s Curry Recipe, AKA Chicken Khmer

Now for a first, a recipe on my blog! My lovely wife Kitty created this curry recipe herself, trying to come up with a Slimming World friendly curry that I’d actually like (I have pretty sensitive taste buds and can’t handle… Continue Reading →

Welcome to!

Hello guys, welcome to the new website! is picking up where the old “Albie Talks” WordPress blog left off, albeit with a tonne of new features! There’s links to the podcast and the softball team I’m involved in as well as… Continue Reading →

Moving on…

Forgive me readers, it has been many months since my last blog. And in that time… I’ve won a new Saints shirt on Twitter courtesy of Carling. Kitty and I have come up with an idea for a rude version of a… Continue Reading →

Rebuilding Southampton – In 2027

The Idea A few years ago I was playing Football Manager and decided to start a game as unemployed and put myself on manager holiday for a few years, which turned out to be until 2028. My original post about it… Continue Reading →

7 days of Geek #1

Looking back at the biggest news and events of the last 7 days

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