Another weekend over with, back to the joys of work. The weekend was actually pretty good, did some shopping with a hobbling girlfriend (more on why she was hobbling in just a second), went to football (more on that in a separate post later too) and then topped off with a Sunday full of cleaning and tidying and watching The Dark Knight on Blu Ray.

But the weekend started on a downer when Kat injured her knee after a slip in the shower.  I had to help her around the flat in the small hours of the morning as she couldn’t put any weight on it. I ended up having to take the day off to get her to the doctors and then hospital for an x-ray. Thankfully there’s no major damage, just a bit of a sprain and a lot of swelling. My job for the day was switching between a hot water bottle and an ice pack ( a bag of frozen chicken pops!).

At the end of the day, with Kat safely home from the hospital and set up on the sofa in front of the telly, I went about checking e-mails etc. I noted that the Echo had tweeted about doing a round up of some local blogs so went to check it out… 

 “In another blogs, the search for this year’s winner of the Most Resilient Boyfriend award may have been discovered.

 Al Galpin deserves a massive round of applause for his somewhat incredible ability to go shopping with his Girlfriend, Kat, for an unprecedented six hours.

 In his latest post on Albie Talks, our hero sounded like he was expecting “a little shopping” when he woke up and when you see the list of things the couple were looking for it is hard to see how they could possibly stay out for very long.

 A few items of clothing for a wedding day and a trip to the Apple store were all what appeared on the list and yet the trip lasted six whole hours.

 Perhaps we should ask Kat how a list so short can be stretched out for the period of time it took.”

 I was very pleasantly surprised to read that. Especially being called a hero (even if that was tongue in cheek) and Most Resilient Boyfriend? To check out the round up in full click here.