Open House History

2013 Winner: Madman Szalinski
Event: Open House II, 27/01/2014
Entered at: #13 (of 20)
Eliminated: August Joyce, Tim Worthington, Jason Talbot, Jay Pride & Chandler Scott
Notes: Madman was in for 17 minutes and 25 seconds, while runner-up Chandler Scott recorded the longest time of 25:25. Winner received a GFC World Heavyweight Championship match.

2014 Winner: Evangelista
Event: A Night for History, 05/01/2014
Entered at: #1 (of 10)
Eliminated: OOKAMI no Chi, Magnus Gunner, Kage Kunshu & Pat Gordon Jnr.
Notes: As entrant #1, Evangelista recorded the longest time of 22:53. Winner received a GFC Commonwealth Championship match.