Last week we made our live video debut on! Al, Ed & Kitty were back together for the first […]
SuperPod 2020 was a 2 day podcast festival that Al organised in Southampton, raising money for Sport Relief. After a […]
Recently Al hosted a very special live episode of the show for Squeefest, a 24 hour live podcast held by […]
Al & Kitty are back, a little later than expected, with more weird tales. This week their stories involve cats, toilets, guns, Annie Lennox & Morgan Freeman. Plus there's also talk of the Donnie J. Trump burger, umbrellas on buses, the weird lives of our listeners, and Baby Driver & Spider-Man get our mini-review treatment.
The gang are back for Season 4! I say gang, but this week it's just Al & Kitty; here to give you the weirdest news of the week. It's all coin-tossing, duck quacking, Rice Krispie shooting fun. Plus there's talk of talking toilets, vampires in the royal family, Mad Men, The Mummy and the Emu War.
This week Al & Kitty are recording from their sofa as they discuss Al's new glasses, the worst corner ever taken, headaches and all the usual weird news; which leads to the discussion of surgical procedures carried out by the X-Men. Plus a new feature, Firsts, where this week the duo discuss their first ever Park Run that they did last weekend.
This past weekend the team took part in the 36 hour live podcasting event, the Southampton SuperPod! Listen back to our slot, recorded in front of a live studio audience, with all the usual features plus Kitty telling jokes by children, Ed telling his most favourite joke and a game of Obama Llama that pitted the team against audience members!
Al & Kitty discuss their Pointless TV appearance, Kitty's 30th birthday, otters, goldfish, 4DX Skull Island, the Big Bang Theory and much more. Kitty even got some fan mail! Plus, is that a story about them in The Weird Week That Was!?
Kitty wants to lick a Nintendo Switch cartridge, is still buzzing from playing with otters and has had problems on the busses. Al's discussing his enjoyment of Logan & Lego Batman and his love of Fire Pro Wrestling. Plus they discuss the weirdest news stories of the week, the latest geek film & TV casting news and more!
JP is back in the building, joining Al & Kitty as they talk about Pancakes, Lemon trees, Rocket League, bad linesmen and Nicole Kidman's fingers as well as discussing all the latest geek news in the return of the Geekblast!