The Podcasts

Home Grown Podcasts

The Bear Cave & Other Podcasts is an amalgamation of ideas and features from other podcasts. Below are the podcasts, old and new, whose ideas appear on our new show.

Dead Piett Society

From my first podcast we've taken The Weird Week That Was, a look at the oddest news stories; plus Best & Worst, our mini-reviews of all things good and bad.

Ministry of Swooping

The podcast with a stupid name that fact checks the news and memes being shared online, plus there's the Fact Check Quiz.

Bear Meets

The interview show I never got off the ground is now part of The Bear Cave, or at least it will be every time we have a guest with a really interesting story to tell.

Sucking Eggs

A new podcast that teaches us all how to do the things we should already know how to do with tips from the experts.

Guest Podcasts

These are some of the podcasts who have appeared as guest segments, including all the info you need to go and check their full shows for yourself. If you have a podcast and want to be a part of The Bear Cave and Other Podcasts, please get in touch!

Stacey's Pop Culture Parlour

The monthly podcast on comics, movies, TV, books & music; best served with tea & cake.

The Doctor Squee Show

Interviewing the great & the good and getting some advice from each guest.

Tales of Zendaria

Young Adult fantasy-fiction audiobook, which chronicles the adventures of reluctant Princess April and her canine companion Willow through the ancient Kingdom of Zendaria.

Wrestling with The Champ

A scripted wrestling comedy in a podcast hosted by Damien St John and featuring the 34-time Pub Wrestling Federation champion the Ginger Ninja.

Sixty Thousand

You have sixty thousand neurones between your ears and your brain, and they’re working overtime with all the noise of the world right now. So why not give them Sixty Thousand.

Fictional Podcasts

These are the fake podcasts you’ll catch glimpses of in-between all the real stuff. These are all just for fun and do not exist as real podcasts… yet.

The Toddler Podcast
Real Audio Wrestling
Panorama Rewatch
Aberdeen Slaughterhouse Mystery
Baz & Dave's Hidden Cinemagic
The Diary of a Nosey Little Shit
Fuck My Life