Al Galpin
Main Host

Your intrepid host; Al's keen on comics, country music and chocolate as well as burgers, bunnies and bourbon. And apparently alliteration.

Ed Sharples
Co-Host - Dead Piett Society

One of the original members of the Dead Piett Society, back to discuss the Weird Week That Was.

Kitty Galpin
Co-Host - Dead Piett Society

Al's wife, the least enthusiastic podcaster in history. Occasionally persuaded to discuss the weird news. Kitty has also recorded a few lines for our fake Wifecast.


We’ve been lucky to have some wonderful guests be part of our podcasts over the years, and we hope to welcome many more. Below are just some of the excellent people who have been on episodes of The Dead Piett Society, Ministry of Swooping, Sucking Eggs or The Bear Cave.

Tiernan Douieb
Guest - MOS Ep.11

Tiernan is a stand-up comedian and podcast host (Partly Political Podcast), who was a guest on Ministry of Swooping. 

Iain Shaw
Guest - Bear Cave Ep.1

A guest on the SuperPod special episodes of Ministry of Swooping and Dead Piett Society, done live for Sport Relief. One of the first guests on The Bear Cave.

Stacey Taylor
Guest - Bear Cave Ep.2

Stace is a podcasting legend who loves films, TV, music & laughing. She came on Episode 2 of The Bear Cave to tackle the Fact Check Quiz!


These are the fine folks who have given something to the show, be it voiceover, music, ideas or anything else!

Jon Bailey

That great booming voice you hear saying "recorded in Southampton...", is the voice of Honest Trailers.

Evan Ferrante
Tom Cruise

The Tom Cruise voice you may hear now and then? That's Evan, the worlds best Tom Cruise impersonator!

Darren Marlar

The American voiceover you hear mention The Bear Cave is the wonderful Darren.

Lauren Clare

Lauren is the voiceover who introduces the Ministry of Swooping and our bad language warning.

Matt Lees

Your favourite podcasters favourite podcaster. Matt has provided the voice of one of our fake podcasts, Real Audio Wrestling.

Richard Johnson
Vocals / Ukulele

The lovely man who composed and sang the wonderful Sucking Eggs jingle.

Wes Thompson

The voice you hear introducing The Weird Week That Was and Best & Worst. 

Grax Bishop

Podcaster. Streamer. YouTuber. The man who brings to life one half of the fake podcast; Baz & Dave's Hidden Cinemagic.

Darren Saunders

Podcaster Darren acts as the VO for our fake podcast; Gogglevox.


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The Bear Cave and Other Podcasts , Dead Piett Society, Sucking Eggs, Ministry of Swooping are all created, written, presented and produced by Alan Galpin.

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