My Top 40 Wrestlers

Inspired by Jim Smallman’s Top 40 Wrestlers of all time on a recent episode of his Tuesday Night Jaw podcast, I decided to work out my own Top 40. So here, without much explanation, is my Top 40. Yes there… Continue Reading →

A bit of a wrestling kick…

It’s no secret that I seem to go through phases of being really into something and then loosing track or drifting away; often through just not having the time to stay up to date with whatever that thing is. Lately… Continue Reading →

The things I do for Fire Pro Wrestling

There was a time when I would spend many an hour playing Fire Pro Wrestling Returns on the PlayStation 2, creating a raft of my own wrestlers, designing logos to go on the rings and “simming” matches… which is to… Continue Reading →

February is Free Wrestling Month!

Both WWE Network and NJPW World are FREE this month!

WWE Notwork and the Perils of Online Streaming [UPDATED]

The WWE Network is now due for launch on January 19th

WWE NXT: The Verdict

So, NXT has arrived. The next step in Sports Entertainment? Here are my views on the show, which I watched before work this morning! I thought NXT was supposed to be a reality show. I almost didn’t watch it because of that. Let’s make things clear now… this is NOT a reality show. What it is… is one of the most entertaining WWE shows I’ve seen in a long time.

The World of e-Feds

A lot of wrestling fans spend their free time participating in e-feds, otherwise known as e-Wrestling or Fantasy Wrestling. This blog is to explain what an e-fed is, for those of you who may be unfamiliar.

Anyway, where should I start…?

Dragon Gate Invasion

Sunday started in lethargic fashion but I soon had to get on the go. I’d been out with Kat and friends for someone’s birthday on Saturday night and I was still feeling it in the morning. Kat had to get up for work and, due to the torrential rain, I had to get up and give her a lift to the train station. Then it was straight home to put some washing on and do a lot of washing up. Next I had to drop my friend’s gift round to him, stopping for a cup of tea before heading off to get a new tyre. I’d driven over a screw on Friday and had to drive to Oxford this Sunday so needed to make sure my car was up for the trip!

A lesson in Puroresu

You may, like my girlfriend, be instantly put off by the fact I’ve said I like wrestling in my previous “getting to know me” post. You shouldn’t be. The wrestling I like is not the glitz and glamour and rubbish that the WWE puts out on such a regular basis. The wrestling I like is puroresu, short for purofesshonaru resuringu. That’s Japanese for professional wrestling by the way.

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