Living Room Refurb: Part 3

Last time we’d just finished putting in the new floor and painting the walls and ceiling, meaning it was just the cupboards & shelves to go in. That makes it sound like we were really close to being finished, but sadly that wasn’t the case.

Living Room Refurb: Part 2

It’s been a productive time since I last posted about our living room makeover, we are starting to get somewhere. In fact, we’re almost done. With a week off we’ve managed to pollyfill, prime, paint and install a new floor!

Living Room Refurb: Part 1

Before we found out that Kitty was expecting we had started redecorating our living room, before promptly stopping when the car broke down and our funds were diverted elsewhere. I say we had started redecorating… what had actually happened is that we had paid someone to come and remove our fireplace, re-plaster the wall, lay […]

Flats & Silly Money

It seems there are one or two friendly and helpful estate agents left in this part of the world, and a few who don’t charge the earth in “admin” fees. After seeing what seems like an endless number of flats and houses, with our favourite ones being snatched out from under our noses, Kat and I finally found somewhere to live.

Day off and the Estate Agents of Doom!

Yesterday was my day off and Kat & I had arranged to view a couple of flats through Tenant Link. We were supposed to view four different properties, and they even called early in the morning to confirm our appointment. So we get to their office ready to be taken to the properties and what do they tell us? One property has been let. And the others are “not suitable” for us because we’re looking to move in June and the properties are available now.