Day off and the Estate Agents of Doom!

Yesterday was my day off and Kat & I had arranged to view a couple of flats through Tenant Link. We were supposed to view four different properties, and they even called early in the morning to confirm our appointment. So we get to their office ready to be taken to the properties and what do they tell us? One property has been let. And the others are “not suitable” for us because we’re looking to move in June and the properties are available now.


On Demand

Something struck me last night when I was flicking through the channels on TV. The Gadget Show was about to start on Five and the continuity guy said “now all new gadget show”. I’ve heard the words ‘all new’ used on Sky channels before when they announce shows, but never on a terrestrial channel. I’ve not regularly watched TV in ages so maybe they’re all at it now, but it got me thinking about the state of television in general. Programs are repeated so often, on different channels and on different formats, that we have to be reminded when it’s actually an episode that’s not been on before.

New Saintly Starts

I’m April is over. It’s a new month and a new beginning is on the horizon. April has been full of rubbish work, arguments, disappointments, Southampton being relegated, a very stressed girlfriend and incredibly annoying housemates. Now it’s May and all my housemates have gone. I now officially live in a 4 bed house on my own. Kat’s dissertation hand in date is today so hopefully she’s past the worst of it now.

Fulfilling a dream

Hey gang! Actually, I’m not sure enough people read this to actually constitute a gang. Not even enough for a rabble. But, anyway, I still write. Many a time have I passed the Apple store in Southampton’s West Quay shopping centre and seen the gathering of teenagers that hang out there, checking their facebook and […]

A lesson in Puroresu

You may, like my girlfriend, be instantly put off by the fact I’ve said I like wrestling in my previous “getting to know me” post. You shouldn’t be. The wrestling I like is not the glitz and glamour and rubbish that the WWE puts out on such a regular basis. The wrestling I like is puroresu, short for purofesshonaru resuringu. That’s Japanese for professional wrestling by the way.

This is, basically, a test post. But I always think that posts that simply say “test” or “Lorum Ipsem blah blah” are a little tedious, I’d even go so far to call them pointless. So I intend to put this post to good use. I thought I’d give you a little insight into me. Please, don’t run away just yet. It may not be as bad as you’re expecting.