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Hey guys.

It’s not been three years between posts this time, but it’s still been a while and I’ve done quite a bit since I last wrote.

So here’s the brief version for you:

  • I was made redundant from Aviva and left in November (in fact my last day was the day after I posted the curry recipe!).
  • I started as a Affinities Sales Team Leader at Ageas in February, a job with more responsibility but quite a bit less pay.
  • I’ve struggled with my memory, concentration and sleep in the early part of this year, a problem which has been around for a couple of years now, and was finally officially diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea. I now have to wear a mask that pumps air into me every night.
  • Kitty & I went to see Nashville in Concert in London this past weekend.
  • The Redbridge Raiders have started our first ever league season in the Solent Softball League, we’ve currently played five and won one.
  • I was demoted to a Sales Advisor in May, and another pay cut to go with it.
  • The Dead Piett Society podcast is still going, albeit not as regularly as we would like.
  • I opened a second Etsy store in May, Minifigs UK, which sells Lego-style superhero mini figures. I’m currently working on a new website for this and will be selling them in person at Nerd Mart in Southampton on July 23rd.
  • Kitty & I were contestants on the BBC quiz show Pointless, we recorded back in April and will be on TV sometime later this year. I can’t tell you how we got on, you’ll have to watch for yourselves.
  • I re-read some of my old posts on this blog and have now got a real hankering to play Football Manager again.
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