My Projects

So these are the things I've got going on online. Some of them have their own websites, so this is a mere overview. Click the links if you want to find out more.


The charity podcast festival I've organised in 2017 and 2020, raising over £1,500 for Comic Relief and Sport Relief.

2020 included 16 different live podcasts including acts such as The Football Book Club, Life Goals with Theo Delaney, SportSpiel, Anything But Footy and many more.

Ministry of Swooping

My podcast which takes a light hearted approach to fact checking unbelievable news stories and memes being shared online.

Each episode is me and a guest, and we aim to tell you what’s true, what’s bull and have a little fun along the way. Previous guests include comedian Tiernan Douieb and podcaster Matt Lees.

Basingstoke Bears

The Basingstoke Bears are the team I’ve made up to play as in Pro Evolution Soccer 2020.

I’ve decided to stream my Master League efforts as the Bears on Twitch, so you can watch as I fail! And if you want to try playing as the team yourself you can download the files and import them onto your PS4!


Pro-Wrestling FRONTIER began as a roleplaying eFed back in June 2011 until it closed in 2015.

For 2020 FRONTIER is coming back, based as a promotion in the game Fire Pro Wrestling World and I'll be streaming shows on Twitch. Plus you can download the files and play yourself on your PC.

Dead Piett Society

My first podcast, recorded along with my wife Kitty and friends Ed & JP.

We looked at the weirdest news from the previous week, took a trip back through the most bizarre moments in history, played games to see who can tell made up facts from the freaky truth and generally had a lot of fun.


As well as running FRONTIER as an eFed I also took part in a few other eFeds.

For those who aren't familiar, it's essentially a competitive writing competition set in the world of pro-wrestling.

I've collected as many of my role-plays into one big eFed archive.

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